The Dev


Hi, my name is Chris! I’m a Berlin based freelance artist and solo indie developer. I worked in the Entertainment/Games Industry since around 2011 when I finally decided to take up the challenge and develop my own game.


I never called myself a “gamer” but computer games have definitely been a big part of my life. It all started with Dune 2 from Westwood, anything from Nintendo console to Age of Empires, Duke3D and StarCraft. I remember spending entire nights at LAN parties using null modem cable trying to make it work. Today I like to play games like Rimworld, 7 Days to Die and Hearthstone. All of these games carry a certain experimental and sandbox angle. The urge to creating is a big driver for me and has lead me to all kinds of different areas. At the age of 16 I started learning basic coding at IT school and continued to study graphic design at uni. I made electronic/hip hop music and for many years and used to be a graffiti writer as well. While working in the industry as a Concept Artist, I played around with Unity3d and understood that I could combine all these learnings to create my own game. I was hooked on the idea to make a game that I would play myself and for which I could define every aspect autonomously. I don’t use any fancy tools, everything I do is made from scratch. I paint every graphic, stroke by stroke, I write the code line by line and I compose all the music note by note.

What kind of Game? (Gameplay/World)

When I was little I remember wondering why nobody made a game where you could “do anything you want”. Later open-world sandbox type games appeared filling this gap. I wanted to develop something close to genres that inspired me but adding my own twist. Since I had a lot of fun with survival games I chose this game model as a base idea. When thinking of the type of game it lead me to the question about how to shape the setting of the world. Most survival games have a classical zombie setting in a contemporary world with military aspects. But I knew that my game had to be a whimsical, magical – and in parts even bizarre world – with a little bit of humor. I like dark fantastic worlds and “new weird” fiction. The Lovecraftian universe is an Influence as well and I thought that I will try to mix things up: use ideas of zombie-world and combine it with magical and dreamy aspects. An overall anachronistic composition gives me the freedom to not get stuck with rational patterns and helped me to create the world of “Cult of the Abyss”.