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- Hordes are now increasing over time/days (daytime lesser than nighttime) -> it should be a bit more easy the first days
- Savegame saves now in wich order you put your items 😉 (should work in any kind of inventory)

- you can now "walk through" companions (not enemies/neutrals)
- if ghouls walk on water they die and leave a "meaty ground" to walk on
- fairies fly over water now
- you find metal now rarely overground
- "walking sound" should be less annoying
#indiedev #solodev

working on: how ghoul-hordes crossing river/water they die and leave a ground behind for the next one to walk on #indiedev #unity3d #survivalgame

- fixed a bug where the dog wanted to attack himself and running forth/back (because you attacked him and he wanted to help you xD )
- fixed things related to the "relationship status“ („good" you are considered a companion, „bad" = enemy and there is neutral too)