Cult of the Abyss is a dark-fantasy survival sandbox that puts you in a broken world left by a dark apocalyptic cult. Through this whimsical journey you play a Boy, and his best friend Quest, a dog.

You both need to search for loot, explore and survive. You build your own hideouts, protect and defend them to not get overrun by the eerie creatures that hunt you at nighttime.
It has  magic, searching loot, crafting, base building, farming, taking care of your dog and most important survive together!

The whole project is a one-man development. #solodev

subscripe for free playtest in the future 🙂

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The Game

GamePlay Mechanics V.0001


Open World / Sandbox

Explore a vast, procedurally generated, endless terrain with different biomes and a spooky world below, decide on your own where to build and what to do – be creative!

You can change the entire environment by dismantling, destroying, digging, building and repairing.

It’s all up to you!


Day/Night Cycle   

Be cautious about the time of day: at night the <Cult’s mutants> appear out of the subways and dungeons to search for food and pray at the totems.



Find an eerie world below the magical world.

Roam through dark subway stations and tunnel systems. Maybe build an outpost there?

Find loot in the boney catacombs and explore. But beware the creepy creatures that live here.


Crafting / Produce

Harvest, chuck, pick and loot the items you need to craft things that are necessary for survival.

There are three types of crafting. Simple things you can make on your own, others you will need to build first special places like a workbench, to work on and to unlock certain recipes. Other objects, like a fireplace or oven, can help you to cook or produce on its own, by burning certain fuel.


Base Building

Craft or find different types of blocks and objects to build a hideout for you and your companion to make it through the night. Protect your base with spikes, magical plants and other tower defense mechanics. Settle and rebuild a broken house in the city area.


Survival Mechanic

Over time, your character will develop different needs or problems you need to solve and keep up. States like hunger, thirst, depression, aches and injuries (head, tummy ache, thirst, sickness and others) will need to be taken care of and cured.



Keep an eye at your companion, you need to take care of him.

You can count on each other to survive.



Find all kinds of items in different places, like shelves, cupboards, cars, dead bodies and more.



Explore how things behave in this world. ….


Biomes & Plants & Farming

Harvest and seed plants to eat and grow. Plants grow over time at different speed on different biomes.


Game Over

You want to find a way back home to your world, once you can find the ways out you solved the game.

If you or your dog dies the game is over. You can decide to respawn. If you do so you must find your stuff and your companion.

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The Dev




my name is Christoph Kaplan and im a an one man studio and freelance artist. check



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